Hi-Spec Powdercoating

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a modern, more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wet painting. As it’s name suggests, powder coating is dry. Minute powder particles are applied to a metal object or component using an electrostatic spray process which causes the powder to adhere to the metal surface. After spraying, the component is transferred to a special oven and cured at temperatures up to 200 celsius. This process melts the powder onto the metal creating a smooth, highly finished and durable coating.

Hi-Spec Powdercoating has been in business Since 1998 and in that time we have acquired a reputation for a quality reliable service.  We merged with Pro-Metal in 2000 and invested in the company to update our machinery, and are able to offer competitive pricing and quick turnaround times.

We offer a full Iron phosphate degreasing facility and our continuous conveyor system can take items up to 1.2 Metre drop and 1.6 Metres long.  Our box oven takes items 1.6 wide x 2.4 long x 1.2 deep for frames but can accommodate other sizes in the flat.

We hold standard RAL and British Standard colours in stock and special paints can be obtained.

We take products of all shapes, size and quantities from high volume production runs to one off items.

We outsource a grit bead blasting service for refurbishment items i.e alloy wheels, bike frames, garden gates, furniture and radiators etc.  We have fully trained friendly competent staff who will be happy to take your enquiry